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PSI requires you to have your Examination Eligibility Letter from the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission before you can schedule your Residential Builder exam through PSI. You can take our seminar to prepare you for the exam at any time.



Licenses and certificates of registration; application; qualifications; bonds; examinations; reciprocity.



 (A) All residential builders must be licensed, and all residential specialty contractors must be registered, by the commission for a period established by the commission in regulation. Licensees and registrants must pay an annual fee established by the department and based upon the department’s costs in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.


(B) An applicant for a license or certificate shall file with the commission a written application on a form as may be prescribed by the commission. The application must be accompanied by the payment of all applicable fees required by the commission. A prerequisite for taking the examination for a residential builder’s license is a minimum of one year of actual experience under the supervision of a licensed residential builder, or other appropriately licensed professional who is engaged in residential building construction involving the trades or crafts for which the license is desired, or other education or experience or a combination of these as may be approved by the commission.


The commission, in examining an applicant, may consider the following qualifications of the applicant:


(1) experience;

(2) ability;

(3) character;

(4) financial condition;

(5) equipment;

(6) workers’ compensation insurance;  and

(7) other pertinent information the commission may require.



(C) The commission shall issue a residential builder’s license if, as a result of examination, the commission finds that the applicant is qualified to engage in residential building in South Carolina, and the applicant submits an executed bond in the form and with a surety approved by the commission in the sum of not less than fifteen thousand dollars or proof of financial responsibility acceptable to the commission.






There are 80 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 52 questions correctly in order to pass. You are allowed 240 minutes to complete this examination. This examination is limited to construction, remodeling, repair or improvement of one, two, or three family residences not exceeding two stories in height


1. Sitework and Foundations                                                     (7 items)

2. Concrete                                                                                 (4 items)

4. Masonry                                                                                  (8 items)

5. Carpentry                                                                                (14 items)

6. Associated Trades and Drywall                                           (19 items)

7. Roofing                                                                                    (5 items)

8. Estimating-Plan Reading                                                      (19 items)





1.  International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings

2.  Carpentry & Building Construction

3.  The Contractors Guide to Quality Concrete Construction

4.  Moden Masonry

5.  Building Component Safety Information BCSI 1-03 Booklet:  The Guide to Good Practice for Handleing, Installing, & Bracing of Metal Connected Wood Trusses

6.  Gypsum Construction Handbook 



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